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Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape, For Marking Out Hazardous Areas Or Temporary Zones

Floor marking your building can be done for a number of reasons. You can use a floor marking tape to perform this function in a very efficient manner. It is particularly easy to mark your floor when it is clean and dry. We at Floorsafe Australia provide anti slip stair treads and nosings floor marking tape in the form of rolls which can be cut into different sizes to fit your requirements. We recommend the use of our floor marking tapes to mark your floor because this can be done swiftly without any hassle.

Floor marking tapes can help you to get nice straight lines. We have many colors of these tapes in your inventory and you will be spoilt for choice. This will help you to mark out children gaming areas as well as hazardous locations.

You should be able to consider the width of tape that you acquire. We have a wide range of widths that you can choose from for different purposes. You should pick widths that are large enough to be seen by different persons.

We provide non slip floor marking tapes for those who want temporary markings to their floors. If the marking gets erased from the floor, you can easily remark it with the tape as long as you still have it at your possession. It is important to know to how to make different markings for different reasons. We provide advice on this so you have no reason to worry about our service delivery.
For a permanent marking solution, you can use paint on the floor marking tape before applying it on the floor. You will be required to give the floor some time for the paint to dry up before using it again. Visit us at our offices to get yourself a floor marking tape. You can also call or email us.

Floor Restoration

How To Use Sanding For Floor Restoration

These days even non-professionals can effectively sand the floors in their homes because there excellent sanding machines on offer. All the same, it is crucial for those who are not familiar with the sanders to be careful as they may linger at one point for long time and “eat” into the floor. Non-professionals should first get used to the sanding machines they plan to use by practicing when it is turned off. They should learn to walk around rooms and deal with corners until they become comfortable with operating the machinery. When looking at the floor sanding cost, the best floor sanding prices in Sydney and floor restoration are avaialble.

Choosing Sanding Equipment

Since home owners do not have to sand many floors at once, orbital sanders are a good choice for floor restoration. They generally take longer to eliminate the old finish that the drum sanders but they are easy to operate and unlikely to cause damage to floors. Amateurs can easily use random orbital sanders to move against or along the wood grain as long as they can keep them level all the time. Even orbital sanders can escape the grip of the operators and cause hard to remove markings. People who rent DIY floor sanders from rental stores use ramps or helpers as lifting them might cause back injury.

Palm sanders are more effective for sanding near baseboard moldings. They should however be used with sharp scrapers so as to remove any sections with old finish which sanders may have missed. Scrapers help to get into recesses at butt joints and board edges without going through the hard work or removing most material using sanders themselves.
For the sanding to be successful, it is essential to start with coarse -grit abrasives to remove surface scratches and old finish. Grits of over 60 should not be used as they can damage floors. Sanders should then move to finer abrasives gradually till they achieve the desires smoothness. The right way to do sanding is proceeding row by row and overlapping runs by half of the sanders width.

After sanding, floors will be fully restored after application of chosen lacquer and stain.

High end Polishing Concrete in a Residence

Floor Sanding Process

Types Of Floor Polish

Water Borne polish
For water based polyurethanes ,one and two pack are now more popular than water based polyurethane/acrylic mixes as they have better wear resistance. Both polishes are for applying over sealer to enhance timber color and reduce probability of edge bonding. Water borne polishes have very low odor during application. These polishes are available in matte and gloss finishes and tend to darken slightly with time. Some of them can be used with curing additives (catalysts) depending on recommendations by their manufacturers.

Oil-Based polishes
These polishes are a result of reaction between natural oil like tung or linseed with another chemical. These polishes are more traditional. Varnishes and traditional tung oils used for waxed timber and polished floors of past era are in this category. These polishes are still in use but they need more maintenance regularly that other finishes. These polishes darken with time but are not likely to edge the bond boards, of recent they are easier to maintain due to use acrylic polishes. Professional floor polishing company National Floor Sanding – floorsandingsydney.net.au floor restoration services can run you through all the different polishes and their pros and cons.

Composite Oil-Based/Solvent Borne polishes
These polishes contain oil-based alkyds with an addition of urethane’s therefore providing a good resistance to abrasion. Oil modified urethane and most tung oil based polishes also are in this category. Oil modified urethane are predominantly used in USA. Solvent borne/composite oil based have very strong odor during application but it reduces as it dries. These polishes provide satin to semi gloss appearance. They rarely edge bond boards but will darken after sometime therefore require frequent maintenance especially at high traffic places. Floor sanders can use acrylic floor polishes to protect finish.

Solvent Based Polyurethane polishes
One and two pack solvent based polyurethanes offer a harder finish with some limited flexibility but have much resistance to abrasion. The currently offer one of hardest finishes with gloss levels of matte up to very high gloss .This reduces the need for routine maintenance. These polishes as with all other oil based finishes will darken with time. Due to strength and limited flexibility, they can cause edge bonding. Ends

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