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John Cummins
Coast Guard Hovercraft



Richmond Review - March 18, 2009

Is Hovercraft in Poor Shape?

The Canadian Coast Guard denies its West Coast search-and-rescue hovercraft is in poor shape and can't perform its duties.

But a source told The Richmond Review that not only is the Penac's condition questionable, but that crews have been advised to limit the vessel's operations and to avoid surface operations.

The problem:  Hull corrosion that's beyond repair, the source said.

Calgary Herald - February 28, 2009

$16 M Hovercraft Ships from UK; Craft to be Flagship of Coast Guard

The new vessel will replace the 22-year-old hovercraft CCGS Waban-Aki, which Miller said is scheduled to carry out icebreaking duties this month along the St. Lawrence but is nearing the end of its useful life.

Windsor Star - February 28, 2009

Canadian Hovercraft on way from England

A $16-million, 75-tonne hovercraft built for the Canadian Coast Guard - the largest ever to be exported from Britain - was lifted this week on to a transatlantic freighter bound for Canada's east coast, where the state-of-the-art amphibious vessel will break ice and patrol waters in and around the Gulf of St. Lawrence 

Vancouver Province - January 20, 2009

YVR Needs a New Hovercraft

As it stands, two rescue hovercraft are stationed at YVR, but Cummins says the backup vessel is old, obsolete and unable to operate effectively in the more severe winds and high seas common to Georgia Strait in winter.

NEWS RELEASE - May 5, 2005

New Hovercraft for St. Lawrence, Twenty Year Old Refit for Richmond

- “Coast Guard Commissioner John Adams was forced to admit to the House of Commons Fisheries Committee that a new hovercraft was approved for ice breaking duties in the Quebec Region months after a retired passenger ferry with 14,000 hours of service was refitted for search and rescue duties on the West Coast,” said John Cummins, M.P. (Delta-Richmond East)... (more)

Government Responds to Cummins Hovercraft Question in Parliament (more)

Memorandum to Minister Reveals Real Cost of Second-hand Hovercraft and Actual Cost of New Hovercraft (more)

Hansard from Fisheries Committee, May 3, 2005 - Cummins Question's Coast Guard Commissioner on Hovercraft

Mr. John Cummins (Delta - Richmond East, CPC): "Mr. Adams ... One on-going expense from the budget of last fall was $23.4 million for the acquisition of the hovercraft in the Quebec region. You put in place a 20 year-old hovercraft in British Columbia with 14,000 hours on it at a cost of under $10 million and now you're going to spend $23.4 million for a new one in Quebec. I wonder how those decisions were arrived at?"...(more)

NEWS RELEASE - June 2, 2003

Scrap Yard Hovercraft Risks Lives and Wastes $10 Million

OTTAWA - The Coast Guard is about to sign a contract to purchase a 19-year old passenger ferry for conversion to a search and rescue hovercraft for the Vancouver airport.  This scrap yard hovercraft will risk lives and waste $10 M.

NEWS RELEASE - December 13, 2002

Handling Airport Emergencies:  Coast Guard Bought a Rowboat Rather Than a Lifeboat

NEWS RELEASE - October 2, 2002

Emergency Debate Requested:  Lapse in Hovercraft Search and Rescue Coverage



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