John Cummins, M.P.
Delta-Richmond East
News Release

April 14, 2005

Fisheries Violations Alert

OTTAWA - "Fisheries Officers have been advised to expect severe cuts to their ranks in the Pacific Region. We are in danger of repeating the 2004 disaster with a weakened enforcement unit at DFO," said John Cummins, M.P. (Delta-Richmond East).

"The snow pack in the mountains is light this year. This will likely mean lower water discharges and warmer water temperatures in the Fraser - a tough year for fish," warned Cummins. "The survival of B.C. salmon is now at stake."

Everyone who cares about our precious salmon resource has a duty to report violations of the Fisheries Act to the Department of Fisheries Observe, Record and Report number:

1-800-465-43336 or 666-3500 in Vancouver.

After alerting DFO, phone or email your observations of possible violations of the Fisheries Act to my office at:

604-940-8040 or

Record the date, time and location of the offence. Photos are helpful.

"This information will allow us to hold the Department of Fisheries accountable for the state of salmon stocks in 2005. I will provide regular performance updates on DFO's enforcement activities," concluded Cummins.

Contact: John Cummins, M.P.
(613) 992-2957, (cell) (604) 970-0937, (604) 940-8040

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