John Cummins, M.P.
Delta-Richmond East
News Release

April 14, 2005

Fishermen Should Beware
The Minister of Fisheries Has Another Plan

OTTAWA - "The bureaucrats and the Fisheries Minister who brought us the Fraser River disaster in 2004 now see fit to do to fishermen in 2005 what then did to the sockeye in 2004," said John Cummins, M.P. (Delta-Richmond East). "The gang that couldn't shoot straight would now restructure the public fishery without any evidence their plans will lead to more effective management of the resource."

It is less than ten years since the same bunch restructured the fishery with the Mifflin Plan. That plan restricted salmon fishermen to selected areas of the coast with the promise that fewer fishermen in an area would result in more fishing opportunities because the smaller fleet made the fishery easer to manage and more profitable for fishermen. The plan has been a disaster for fishermen with the Fraser River being virtually shut to commercial fishing since the implementation of the Mifflin Plan.

Rather than another ill-advised plan, British Columbians need a commitment from the federal government to manage the fishery in a sustainable fashion rather than a new plan by the same incompetent bureaucrats.

"The Minister of Fisheries would be well advised to put into place the 2003 and 2005 recommendations House of Commons Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans and Williams Post Season Review Committee of April 7, 2005 and ignore the wild imaginings of his bureaucrats," concluded Cummins.

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